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Welcome to the Top Music Mailinglist Page!

Hello Everyone..Please join my mailing list..I will be sending music files and pictures of the top music groups in the list..The letter will be sent out every week!There will be trivia news and more on the list.Fill out the form below to join..Thanks!

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Lyrics Zone!

Spice Girls
Mariah Carey
Backstreet Boys
Janet Jackson
Smashing Pumpkins

Information on Top Music Mailing List!

Mailing list name: TOP MUSIC MAILING LIST

Owner Name: Diana Vuong

Age Group: All Ages Welcome

What's Mailinglist about: This Mailing List is a List where you can get really cool pictures and waves of the hottest, hippest and totally cool music groups. You will also get lyrics to the song, so that you can sing to along with it.

What List Offers: This List Will Offer music that is hot these days. This list will let you learn more about the music artists and alot more. We will have online chats every week so that you can also meet other people that have the same interests in music.

Purpose of Mailing List: This Mailing List is suppose to let you enjoy the sound of music from each music artist or group. It will let you learn the music that they play.

Backstreet Boys! Hanson!
This page will always be under construction... a new midi will be put in each month so turn on your speakers..this weeks midi is "As Long As You Love Me"From the "Backstreet Boys!"